Saturday, February 11, 2017

The great recovery that you probably missed

In 2016, I did close to nothing with my portfolio other than increase my position in Super Group in February and March. One year later, after a very politicised American Presidential Elections, the Straits Times Index has recovered strongly moving a upwards from February, with an initial speed bump.  This is in line with what I had forecast along with my spot on prediction that Donald Trump would win the elections. 

I do not think the market is frothy yet. Once Saudi Aramco manages to IPO, we should see some mega deals although there is nothing in the pipeline for Singapore. My guess is 3-6 months from the Saudi Aramco IPO, we should see a market top that will follow a massive correction. In this scenario, I am not sure how Donald Trump can make america great again.

Dartslive Super League Season 13 GAME ON!

It has been slightly more than a year since I bought my first soft tip darts set. On Monday, I will begin my third Dartslive Singapore league. It will be my second time playing the Super League format.

The first time I played it, I averaged 67.2 points per round over 69 legs of 01 games. For the coming season, I hope to achieve some award pins and improve on my match play mentality. Dartslive Singapore awards pins (lapel pins) if you achieve a certain number of "specials" such as 10 hat tricks (2 in the bull) or a white horse (2 different trebles in a game of cricket. By match play mentality, I mean achieving my non-competition averages. When I first started, I initially thought I would bust my averages - playing significantly above my past 30 game average. That did not happen. Well, I have got 14 fixtures to discover my form.

Anyway, here are some photos of my darts. These are 95% tungsten Unicorn Phase 5 Mirage. These are the 18 grams version with a natural finish I bought them online from A180, a darts retailer from the UK. I bought them online because most Singapore shops don't carry Unicorn for some strange reason.