Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The chill of winter is real

It has been an unsettling time in the office the past few weeks. There have been news of restructuring and layoffs. Over the past year, the market has been bad for my company and I have heard of a few people being let go. Over the recent two to three weeks, I have heard that close to six people have been let go, bearing in mind my company has about 140-plus people in the office.

I have yet to see my new organisation chart and there is a chance that I will be blogging more often. At this point in time, the downturn is feeling a bit too real for me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

7 months in a bear market

I wrote one month ago that we are in a bear market. We are seven months in and there should be another three to eleven months of volatile, if not depressed prices. Your guess is as good as mine but I will probably dip my hands into the market at the shorter end of the time boundary.

Quick updates with regard to my life. I was feeling upset for a good two to three weeks because my client cancelled on my presentation which I was supposed to fly over to Australia to conduct. I received my Invisalign and I will definitely post something about it since it cost quite a bit. On the education front, I have signed up and commenced a course at one of the polytechnics. It is heavily subsidised for Singaporean citizens but the time cost is quite high as I have to allocate three nights a week. On a higher note, I recently attended Taylor Swift's 1989 concert held at the indoor stadium. It was overall enjoyable although I am not familiar with some of her songs and that the presence of teenage girls screaming was overwhelming.

One more month to the end-year portfolio review. Not doing so good.