Sunday, December 17, 2017

First buy of 2017: Delfi (ex Petra Foods)

I recently bought some Delfi shares at $1.43. This was the first time since March 2016, that I bought shares. Delfi is one of the few companies that has not risen with the Trump tide.  I did a cursory glance at its financial results. Earnings were declining slightly due to rationalising of its portfolio but I did not think it justified the a least 44% decline year-to-date. Queuing for the shares was a tough task because of the lack of volume. The bid-ask spread was about 10 cents and the sell queue was sometimes only 2,000 shares. In the end, over two transactions, I managed to secure 25,000 shares of Delfi. My average cost of ownership also declined considerably, in turn reducing my paper loss. Let's just see how it goes with this investment.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sold my KrisEnergy

I have not really been looking at the portfolio, until my friend asked me recently if I have been investing. It was when I realised that her clients that were invested in funds, were up 15%, while I was most likely down. Delfi, has swum against the rising Trump rally by halving in price. I took the opportunity to look at my portfolio, which comprised 6 companies. Now, on 1212, the portfolio shrank to 5 companies because I sold my shares in Krisenergy. Sensing an opportunity, I bought 20,000 shares in March 2015. However, the oil price environment remains low and I have sold them, taking a 82% hit in the process. Ouch!

In April 2017, I accepted the offer for my Super Group shares. As a result of this, along with the year's injection I am currently 39% cash and 61% in the remaining 5 companies' shares. My main target will be Delfi, as well as other companies close to their 52-week low.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My 5 darts for 2018

Target Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Generation 3 Asia 

Target Agora A31

Showtime Koban

Harrows Plexus

Harrows Quantum

Sunday, June 25, 2017

You can watch European darts that are played over the weekend on Youtube about 2-3 hours they have ended. Aside from watching actual games, there are two interesting and helpful people you can subscribe to on YT.

I am guessing this guy works at for an airline as he travels to the UK and the Netherlands very often, two countries with great darts players.

I dare say he is the person to turn to if you want to buy darts. He has uploaded tons of reviews and they give you a good view on the darts that you may buy.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Darts review coming soon

These are some of the darts that I bought as part of my efforts to replicate the Top Ten Darts of 2016 as reviewed by a UK darts fanatic. Will a review in the coming weeks now that my workload has eased a fair bit. Took a holiday just before two deadlines. Not a good idea.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Portfolio history lost

The desktop where I keep my transaction history has decided to become a part of history. I am unable to retrieve my records and hence, post an accurate description of my stock performance in the meantime. The most relevant stock performance being Super Group. I just tendered all my holdings in the company an I know I am in the black in terms of capital gains. However, the dividends are omitted!

Recovery in progress...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The great recovery that you probably missed

In 2016, I did close to nothing with my portfolio other than increase my position in Super Group in February and March. One year later, after a very politicised American Presidential Elections, the Straits Times Index has recovered strongly moving a upwards from February, with an initial speed bump.  This is in line with what I had forecast along with my spot on prediction that Donald Trump would win the elections. 

I do not think the market is frothy yet. Once Saudi Aramco manages to IPO, we should see some mega deals although there is nothing in the pipeline for Singapore. My guess is 3-6 months from the Saudi Aramco IPO, we should see a market top that will follow a massive correction. In this scenario, I am not sure how Donald Trump can make america great again.

Dartslive Super League Season 13 GAME ON!

It has been slightly more than a year since I bought my first soft tip darts set. On Monday, I will begin my third Dartslive Singapore league. It will be my second time playing the Super League format.

The first time I played it, I averaged 67.2 points per round over 69 legs of 01 games. For the coming season, I hope to achieve some award pins and improve on my match play mentality. Dartslive Singapore awards pins (lapel pins) if you achieve a certain number of "specials" such as 10 hat tricks (2 in the bull) or a white horse (2 different trebles in a game of cricket. By match play mentality, I mean achieving my non-competition averages. When I first started, I initially thought I would bust my averages - playing significantly above my past 30 game average. That did not happen. Well, I have got 14 fixtures to discover my form.

Anyway, here are some photos of my darts. These are 95% tungsten Unicorn Phase 5 Mirage. These are the 18 grams version with a natural finish I bought them online from A180, a darts retailer from the UK. I bought them online because most Singapore shops don't carry Unicorn for some strange reason.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Portfolio Review 2016: Portfolio + 28.0% vs STI - 0.2%

The Straits Times Index ended 2016 at the same level it started. After dipping to 2,500 in the January and February, the index recovered to 2,880. This was despite a Trump election victory, which many in US media and Asia expected an end-of-the-world scenario.

The portfolio gained 28.0%, ending the three year streak of underperformance against the STI. Excluding dividends, it would have gained 24.4%. Most of my holdings advanced in price. This was unsurprising given their previous years losses. The biggest percentage loser was Hong Leong Finance. The finance stock lost 8.2% in price. This was followed by F&N, down 2.8%.

Colex and Super Group each post slightly more than 50% year on year increase in share price. Colex remains a very thinly traded stock. Super Group on the other hand, was boosted by the acquisition of the Dutch firm JDE. This will eventually lead to the privatisation of the company.

The portfolio cost now stands at 111.5K and I am in the black by 14%. I collected dividends of 2.3k, excluding the capital reduction paid out by Delfi, and this implies a yield-to-cost of 2.0% which is poor. For CY2017, my yield to cost will likely drop given the poor outlook and that Super Group is put in the freezer.

For CY2017, I intend to buy another 10k plus any remaining cash in the portfolio, just before or after Chinese New Year. I will also need to be on the lookout for places to park the monies eventually received from the delisting of Super Group. I expect the market to go up by at least 5% 12 months down the road. That said, I expect the local economy to be very weak in the coming 6 months. The oil and gas and property sector are not doing well and I cannot see any drivers of growth coming from international trade.