Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sold my KrisEnergy

I have not really been looking at the portfolio, until my friend asked me recently if I have been investing. It was when I realised that her clients that were invested in funds, were up 15%, while I was most likely down. Delfi, has swum against the rising Trump rally by halving in price. I took the opportunity to look at my portfolio, which comprised 6 companies. Now, on 1212, the portfolio shrank to 5 companies because I sold my shares in Krisenergy. Sensing an opportunity, I bought 20,000 shares in March 2015. However, the oil price environment remains low and I have sold them, taking a 82% hit in the process. Ouch!

In April 2017, I accepted the offer for my Super Group shares. As a result of this, along with the year's injection I am currently 39% cash and 61% in the remaining 5 companies' shares. My main target will be Delfi, as well as other companies close to their 52-week low.

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