Performance reports

A summary of my portfolio performance and the links that includes their review are as follows:

2017 Porfolio -0.9% vs STI -18.1%
Weakness to  KrisEnergy resulted in underperformance.

2016 Porfolio -22.7% vs STI -14.1%
Colex and Super Group each post slightly more than 50% year on year increase in share price

2015 Porfolio -22.7% vs STI -14.1%
Weakness to Petra Foods and KrisEnergy resulted in underperformance.

2014 Porfolio -4.1% vs STI +6.3%
Continued weakness in my main holdings resulted in underperformance

2013 Porfolio -8.4% vs STI +/- 0%
This excludes distributions from Elite KSB which would just mean a loss of 5.1%.

2012 Portfolio +30.2 vs STI +20.2%

This includes the special dividends to Elite KSB but no ordinary dividends from any stock.

2011 Portfolio -27% vs STI -17%
This assumes that the C&O position remains unchanged.

2010 Portfolio +40% vs STI +10%

This was the year the portfolio reached a modest value

2009 Portfolio +93% vs STI +63%

Most of the gains were due to low base effect

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