Friday, April 19, 2013

Moving Office Location: Goodbye Jurong IBP

After close to 2.5 years there, my office will be shifting location from Jurong International Business Park, to somewhere in town, near the Marina Bay Sands Area. The move was expected after we had got acquired about two years ago. With the moving, it also marks the "disappearance" of my company from Singapore. I think I will take a bit more photos of the surrounding when I get to work later. I do not work at the 1A building shown above by the way!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Invest in plants to improve your workplace or home

I recently got caught up buying plants at the nursery near my place because I felt bored. Most of them have died but that will not deter me from having plants at my future home and office desk. The benefits of having plants at work and living spaces cannot be understated. According to this Daily Mail article, having potted plants at your desk, especially when you do not face a window, can help relieve stress. I can testify to the mental benefits of having greenery in front of you. Until recently, I had a small aquarium tank filled with plants and some small fish in the office  and I often find myself staring at it and feeling a sense of ease.