Friday, April 19, 2013

Moving Office Location: Goodbye Jurong IBP

After close to 2.5 years there, my office will be shifting location from Jurong International Business Park, to somewhere in town, near the Marina Bay Sands Area. The move was expected after we had got acquired about two years ago. With the moving, it also marks the "disappearance" of my company from Singapore. I think I will take a bit more photos of the surrounding when I get to work later. I do not work at the 1A building shown above by the way!

The merits of the Jurong location is that it is quiet and quaint. It is really a "park" in the sense of the abundance of greenery and open spaces, unlike the one in Changi. The individual work space there is more than adequate because the office was built for expansion. The downside is that it is quite a walk from the MRT station and so when it rains, it can be a drenching experience. And being in Jurong, it takes one hour for me to get to work.

The merits of moving to town are enormous. First, I save at least hour an hour on travelling time each way. The central location also means that I can meet most of my university friends for lunch, which is a good way of re-establishing contract. Prior to Jurong, I was in an industrial area in the east and was cut off from most of them. The downside is a much smaller office space (which makes sense) and more expensive meals.

As a young office worker, working in town has always been a wish. Now that my wish has been granted, I feel a tinge of sadness. The ageing process has made me sentimental to the surroundings. Moreover, being a "green" lover, I will miss the respite given by the surroundings of Jurong.

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