Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blood on the streets

Bought China Animal Healthcare. Now the stock market is in intensive care...

Well, as said earlier, we still are waiting for the market to digest how the news of tightening liquidity.. my best guess is, all things equal, you will see the uglier side in China/HK more so than in Singapore... this is because the stock markets there are pretty much on steriods and normalisation will have to occur.. the calling back of loans is what the PRC government intends to do to prevent any asset bubble.. control is the key word

That said, there was that day that the STI plunged more than 71 points.. it has been a long while since that happened..

My best guess is that the pull back has and will be short and very sharp.. after which, we will focus on how things might fall apart but forget that the stock market actually went upwards.. i don't buy the "January goes and so is the year" line.. im still optimistic that this year will be an up year, but up a bit, unlike last year. i have got 48 more weeks to be proven wrong..

sit tight for the short and bumpy ride.. earnings season should not disappoint

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