Saturday, October 6, 2012

portfolio up 10.5% YTD

After a long while, I am finally back up, having bought a new system, although the monitor is still the same.

It was a very busy month of September for me. On the working front, I had to prepare two big reports as well a smaller update. The regular report faced some hiccups as the people I had to coordinate with were either on long planned leave or had other simultaneous deadlines. It did not help that I had to provide more support than expected for an ad hoc report. On the school front, I had to prepare for presentations and submit writeups. The group I was allocated with was massive and we thus face some coordination issues. 

It was so hectic that I did something silly, that is I applied for Stratech's excess rights, even though it was not my intention. For consistency's sake, I will just show only 21,000 shares of Stratech in my portfolio. My only gripe is that I was not sure what I was doing at the ATM then!

Having said that, the portfolio was up 10.5% on a year-to-date basis. I will probably have to run through the dividends to see if I might have missed any out for the records. that should bump up my investible cash for next year.

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  1. Technical indicators MACD and RSI giving weak signal for STI today 12-Oct. STI having Resistance @ 3050 and above this level it may take resistance from 3085-3115 levels.

    ref: SGX Singapore