Sunday, July 7, 2013

S$50,000 capital invested level

With my purchase of 3 more lots of Petra Foods, the level of capital invested (i.e. income) has reached S$50,000 with a market value of about S$83,000. About 65% of the portfolio is into Food, and I have entertained the thought of selling off my loss-making stocks (FJ Benjamin, Noble and Wilmar) and hence there is an "Other" slice of 16% to be allocated. 

FJ Benjamin has not been booming as I had expected, since 2009. Noble Group and Wilmar are tanking for more fundamental reasons, namely the end of the commodity cycle. I could be wrong and there might be more upside when the market turns.

That said, with that money from selling, I could possible leave it in cash until the next market breakdown, buy more Etika or Super Group, or some banking stock. Option 2 will cause me to be very overweight in Food, and not much of a stock picker. For the banking stock, I am thinking of Hong Leong Finance. The problem is, the smaller "local" banks are being crowded out by the established "foreign" banks.

S$13,000 is quite a bit of money I can play around me. The search for my next stock is on.


  1. Hi,

    Any reason for your purchase of Petra foods? Their revenue has been declining and the stock looks really overvalued at the current price.

  2. Take a look at this

    I bought a few more lots because i missed the boat on Super Group! Plus I like to hold on to food-related stocks.

    PE is very high because almost everyone who has bought in is expecting a special dividend pay out from its disposal of the Cocoa division.My average cost is 3.15 so I am still well in the money.