Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cost and benefits of working in town

I moved recently to a new office in town near Lau Pa Sat from International Business Park, which is in Jurong East. My quality of life has changed drastically as a result of this move and it is meaningful to list out the costs and benefits:

1. Travelling time cut by half. It now takes me 30 minutes (door-to-door) to get to my new office compared to one hour one average. This means I save 1 hour each day. However, because I have class at NTU, it means there are times I may have to take a taxi down and it will costs $30.

2. I find it easier to meet people. As most of my friends work in the town area, there is a higher chance of me meeting them for a quick catch up or even a chance meeting compared to at Jurong. I find that this has helped me reconnect and with it, increase the number of opportunities that were previously hidden.

3. Food cost has gone up. One of the down side of a town location is that a simple lunch fare easily costs $5-6 compared to $4-5. When it rains, my food options get severely limited and the nearby food court costs me $8.

Overall, if I were not doing classes at NTU, working in town is probably one of the better options for most young adults because it helps you connect. I have worked in off center locations before and unless it is close to where you stay, you may be missing out on a lot. There are of course people who work in the yards (extreme west) or airports (extreme east) but these areas are clusters of expertise. 

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