Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why so many self-service laundry shops now?

Source: WonderWash
I recently visited the self-service laundry shop near my place to wash up my team's soccer jerseys. Altogether, it cost me about SGD 10 to wash a batch of 16 tops and some shorts. This did not fill up an 11 kg load. I have a washing machine at home and my reason for using the self-service laundry is that they have a drying machine. This eliminates the need for me to hang the clothes on to those bamboo poles. This is especially useful when you are washing the clothes of other people.

Personally, I think that the business model of a self-service laundry shop is very shaky. Granted that this is a capital-intensive venture as bulk of the capital is spent on the washing machine and dryers, with no onsite staff required, there is hardly a good flow customers where I am at. Maybe it is just my location.  Most Singaporean households here have a washing machine as they are relatively affordable, if not they hand wash their clothing. Furthermore, the weather here is good enough for hanging out to dry. There are some views as to why such shops have sprung up. Only time will tell if this new services takes off in Singapore.

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