Thursday, January 22, 2015

Living on the edge with Keppel Corp contra trade

Bought three lots of Keppel Corp late on Tuesday hoping to catch any upside it has, after it releases its results today. Little would I know that on Wednesday, Keppel Corp along with Keppel Land would request for a trading halt. There are rumours that Keppel Corp will take Keppel Land private. Depending on how the acquisition is carried out - cash, shares or hybrid -  the privatisation will benefit the price of Keppel Land and not Keppel Corp's shares. More importantly, tomorrow will be the last day I can hold on to the shares without settling (T+3). I have thus put myself in a gambling position as I have no intention of settling. Hopefully, things go in my favour this time.


  1. Some lessons needed to learn it personally. This share is halt. Check with your broker.

  2. Hi CW, the trade is settled. Had to get help from friends. Now I am thinking what to do since the shares are already credited to my CDP. Thanks for the advise and will learn. Did not think it was a problem since it was a blue chip stock.