Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My first Samsonite Red

I was not inspired by the Korean actors/models to buy my first Samsonite Red backpack. Moreover, I have been using a briefcase-style bag as I do not have a lot to carry to work other than the odd few documents. However, my purchase was prompted by my wonderful experience with my more than 10-years old, Samsonite soft-casing travel bag which I am still using. The old brown/beige travel bag is made of durable material and the design is stylish.

The new Samsonite Red backpack is much more stylishly designed of course. The backpack has good storage volume and five small external compartments. Inside the bag is a compartment to store your tablet PC. The user-experience has been good so far as the two straps rest on the meaty parts of my shoulder and the material is still keeping shape.

The Samsonite Red is not cheap (by my standards), setting me back by slightly more than SGD 200. Incidentally, there is a Porter bag which my sibling bought from Japan, strewn on the floor. The Samsonite Red does come with a two-year warranty should anything bad happen to your backpack. Buying a Samsonite in Europe should be much cheaper than in Singapore but I do not think I am heading there anytime soon.

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