Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10 lots of KrisEnergy and SGD 100,000 capital injection mark

To simplify my portfolio calculation for the rest of the year, I have assumed that I will inject capital of SGD 20,000 for 2015 and this will be factored into my performance calculations. This would mean topping up SGD 5,000 which I have yet to have. This would allow me to reach the round number of SGD 100,000 as well as calculated my yield-to cost. YTC would be calculated by dividing the dividends received in a calendar year over the accumulated capital at the start of the calendar year. 

I have also today, pulled the trigger and acquired 10 lots of KrisEnergy shares. The interesting point of this purchase is that I received from some of the counter parties of 100-600 shares. Why would any one key in such a small number of shares on offer? Will update accordingly over the next few days. 

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