Thursday, May 14, 2015

200,000 page views

Close to five years after setting up this blog, I finally managed to hit the 200,000 page views levels. While not all page views may be unique, I do feel a slight sense of satisfaction. In terms of Adsense revenue, I think it has amounted to only SGD 300-400 and that is definitely an aspect I should improve upon.

Thank you all for closely following my blog! If you could, please share my blog with your friends through facebook or even whatsapp!

It has been a learning journey the whole while. Initially, there was the ChannelNewsAsia Forum where I could share my posts but that was closed down during one of Singapore's general elections. Now, most of the traffic is directed wholly by the Singapore Investment Blogger page.

The top two posts with the most page views surprised me because they were not investment related. In top spot was the post on my Taiwan trip: and this was followed by the post on my kick scooter: Both these posts are relatively new and showed me the importance of writing on topics that could reach a bigger audience as opposed to the narrow investing community. 

Once, thank you very much for reading this blog. May you have a great investment journey ahead!

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