Friday, August 21, 2015

Shaken and stirred

I had not posted anything since 20 June mainly because I was very busy with my office work. I had to rush my reports out before I went for my in-camp training in July. This was quickly followed by another holiday in Perth, Australia. In-camp was exceptionally hectic this time and this was not helped by the fact the camp location remains ulu. My Perth holiday went real well and I might have sometime to do an update over the weekend. I even managed to do a wisdom teeth extraction, the second surgery for 2015!

Of course, the market tanked rather badly in between. When I was in Australia, all I saw on the news was the Yuan devaluation and its impact on the market. When I managed to log in to my account, I saw that all my accumulated gains have been wiped out, save a hair cut. If we have past the bull market (earlier than I had expected) and that we are in a slow decline, I suggest it is time to accumulate cash. If 15th April was the peak of the market, we have at least 12 more months of bear market to follow. I am looking at selling in strength and buying in due course (but I forgot my brokerage account!)

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