Friday, January 1, 2016

Singapore Stock Market Outlook 2016

Those viewing my blog on a desktop version will see my latest prediction for the coming year. For the benefit of readers viewing my posts on their smartphones, the below is my market outlook as of 31 December 2015.

Singapore Stock Market 2016 Outlook

3 Month Outlook: The market will decline sharply (more than 6% decline from peak to trough) and will probably (75% chance, +/-12%) touch 2,600 levels.

3+3 Month Outlook: Market will decline (3% from peak to trough) or have (volatile day-to-day swings of +/-1.5%) sharp swings.

6+6 Month Outlook: Market will embark on a slow recovery (start of the right side of the "V"), likely to end the year at 2,900 level +/- 50 points.

3 refers to the immediate following three months
3+3 refers to the 3 months period after the first three months
6+6 refers to the 6 months period after the first six months

Please do your due diligence. I am only a blogger. The aim of the predictions is just to share with your my sentiment of the market using more precise language. This will allow me to test my predictions. It will be updated on an as and when basis, but at least every 3 months.

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