Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't Dream It's Over

Sometimes, I don't really care how well the portfolio is doing. To a large extent, I am quite sick of this whole sovereign debt crisis in Europe thing. I can understand how the people in the affected countries feel. So what if my government owes money, a default will always be a risk the lender has to take. So why am I, the ordinary citizen, the one to bear the brunt of the so called austerity packages?

Moving on, for those who still follow me, the examinations went a bit smooth for me. All these while balancing who with hitting the book, and now I have no such worries, has left me feeling a little lost.

At the moment, I see no urgent need to put more money into the stock market largely because I am trying to save up for other stuff, such as my life and my hobbies. What I am trying to do is look for what I have done and see if I have managed to obtain any transferable skills. Yes, I guess I am looking for a new environment to grow.

Maybe that explains why I am irritated by the whole situation in Europe. That this has caused alot of companies to stop hiring and it is very evident in the job ads. To qualify, there are still jobs, but not that many for fresh graduates (hence industry switchers).

Going forward, I will try to catalog my skills and passions and hopefully this exercise will give me a better idea as to what I really want to do.

And by the way, Elite KSB has been on the rise. Its full-year financial results will be out in August end and I am suspecting some kind of dividend or equity issue like Old Chang Kee.


  1. Hi,
    Just wondering whats your rationale for buying etika and elite ksb? Did you manage to get any ock too?

  2. Etika: its PE and PB ratios were very attractive compared to its earnings growth

    Elite KSB: Same thing as above. Moreover, their acquisition of JFIP should increase the dividend payout rate