Tuesday, February 1, 2011

portfolio dips as golden rabbit beckons

I am trying out a new format of updating my portfolio. One of the downside of updating at the end of every month is that it may not coincide with a weekend. That said, the upside is that I have lesser need to stare at my portfolio as often. The coming portfolio updates are stated in the chart seen above.

As can be seen clearly, my portfolio excluding dividends, is down 3 percent for the month of January. I had a very bright start with UOB-KayHian chionging as a result of the privatisation of Kim Eng. However, once the dust was settled, the counter fell back to slightly higher than previous levels.

The coming weeks will see more results being announced. Biosensors has showed a positive set and I expect the rest in my portfolio to do so, with those having a dividend policy, announcing one that is much better than last year. That's all for today. I think I am getting the cough from my dad.


  1. What happened to C&O? Ideas.


  2. Jasper,

    i understand that C&O has dropped about 6 cents with respect to the 50 cents that Sumitomo Corp bought a stake in. In my opinion, and with hind sight, 50 cent is an entry price for Sumitomo but it may not mean that the price will stay there.

    this is because an acquirer usually pays a premium to the market when taking up a big stake. lets see how the coming results will be like before proceeding further