Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bought 10 lots of Etika On Friday

Bought 10 lots of Etika International at 33 cents on Friday, bringing the total number of shares I have in the company to 30 lots. Was trying to queue for them at 32 cents but the market seems to be rallying up, having discounted all of Japan's nuclear woes. The purchase should bring my average cost per share to about 24 cents each. Will exclude them for the review due end of the month.


  1. Hi,

    Where do you see Etika for long term?

    Do you have any price targets in mind or holding them longer than 2 years?



  2. gregory,

    this year will be quite bad for etika in that margins are being forced down due to the price hike. what we will have to wait and see, is how it can pass the cost to consumers. this is also dependent on its competitors such as F&N and others.

    target price, i do not have.. but i will hold this stock for one more year out at least. this is a growing brand, base on what i can see at the coffee shop. however, it could also mean that since i bought the stock, i am more aware of its products!

  3. Looks likE moving up again soon

  4. i was pleasantly surprised that it moved close to 40 cents. Golden, what do you think of Etika's ability to increase price. interestingly i was at a coffeeshop and saw that it used Diary Champ condensed milk sweetener.

  5. All I know is I see Dairy Champ everywhere daily ,kopitiam, hawker center and even NTUC brand and Giant Brand are OEM from their brand.

    I had brought this counter since 0.2, continuously vested before stock split and accumulate again few weeks ago when market in downtrend (bought at 0.33, 0.34 and still holding). I am not going to sell in short term.

    Look at them, business expand to Indonesia and Vietnam (middle east is an old story), and their condensed milk was much cheaper and yet taste well compare to other brand. This company still have lots of potential...

  6. Golden,

    you got good foresight. I did see Etika as having abnormal earnings growth but i put my money on Singapore companies as they are the first choice when I did not have as much money. I did not know that so many house brands are under Etika

  7. Hi,

    You are a great investor, i am just providing addtional info here. :)
    I believe you can give much better analysis than me.

    This is Etika website.

    If i am not wrong, they have the distribution right for famouse energy drink, Redbull.
    They have a packaging division, this will help reducing their manufacturing cost

    From very beginning this company choose to be listed in Singapore instead of Malaysia, i think this is a wise move. As you know, If listed in Malaysia, 30% of the company share will need to be allocated to 'bumiputra'...