Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hey CFO, very free argh?

I think there was only one time that I had email a company whose stock I owned - TPV Tech. The people who got back to me were the investor relations people and they replied me promptly on that same day. Only just did I read about someone doing a writeup because he had access to the CFO. I had to write this because I remember reading some other finance blog about how it bothers him that the CFO can have time to reply to individual emails. His point was that the CFO should be using his time to find ways to cut costs as well as competitive advantages. There is of course nothing wrong talking to fund people or the media.  In the latter, it can help improve valuations without really having to do much, due to greater awareness. For example, if the Business Times writes something good/bad about your company, you are sure that the volume will pickup. But if any Tom, Dick and Henry can get the CFO's attention, then I guess the company's priorities might need some re-ordering. Case in point, how often do you see Wilmar's CEO, Kuok Koon Hong, doing a full interview. For that matter, Wilmar's CFO? If I remember correctly, the last full exclusive interview was done probably 2-3 years back. Correct me if I am wrong.

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