Friday, September 30, 2011

Portfolio in pain as Transatlantic fears return

It has been a horrible 3 months or so. The problems in America and Europe show no signs of abating since returning to haunt the markets in 2011.

Shares of C&O look likely to be suspended as the acquirer looks to shore up to the 95% level. I am not sure if I can still sell them at the open market or just wait for them to re-tender. In anycase, I will make a slight loss on this investment.

This is nothing compared to Stratech. The shares of this Singapore technology company has slid continually even before the recent meltdown, because it has been hardly turning a profit. It has recently announced an acquisition to be satisfied partly through the issuance of new shares.

There is not much to say for the rest of the portfolio as they have not been able to escape the flight from assets with any sort of risk.

Things have been busy at work. I just crossed the one year mark with the company and I think there are things to do and more skills to development. I am still lacking in terms of industry knowledge and recent events have made me realised that I may not be the best person for the current job. But then again, seldom is there a perfect fit.

Will take the weekend to recharge and consider my options as well as game plan.

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