Monday, December 19, 2011

Some housekeeping

Went to buy some long overdue furniture over the weekend - bed frames and a bookshelf. The old one that I had bought from Ikea gave way and I have been sleeping with the spring mattress on the floor for quite some time.

Bought the furniture from a corner shop in the neighbourhood. I realise that I was very bad at bargaining. No doubt there were no list price on the photo file that I was given, and he quoted me a price verbally, I could have used better bargaining techniques such as by telling him my budget first.

This was a lesson learnt. Eventually, should I move out, I will have to get more furniture and hopefully nicer looking and matching ones. That will be where my enhanced skills should be used.

That is not the point however. My point is that, I have been buying some interior design magazines and I realise that the cost of a having a photogenic apartment costs about 5 kidneys. There were some HDBs I saw, that costs SGD 100,000 for their interior design and that is without the furniture. Can you imagine how much more it would cost for that nice looking sofa and bed as well as the fanciful top-to-bottom storage unit?

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