Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Holdings As Of February

The chart above shows my holding based on their current market value. It shows clearly how concentrated I am to just a few stocks, although there are 12 names on that list. The top three holdings - Etika, GMG and Elite KSB - make up slightly more than half my portfolio value. Overall, I have a good mix of cyclical and defensive stocks.

Stocks that I would dispose of would be the three smallest holdings - China Animal Healthcare, TPV and Stratech - because it is not effective holding on to them. That is unless I average up and the prime candidate would be TPV. I am getting jittery over China Animal because its share price does not seem to move in line with the broader penny rally.

The column chart above shows the profit per share in absolute terms as well as in percentage terms. Biosensors is the only "multi-bagger" with slightly more than 200% gains and there are four stocks that are in the red. I will probably overlay and updated chart with this to form my next commentary. This second chart shows just how average I am, but I have managed to avoid big losses.

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