Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SGD 8,303 free cash for 2013

I have reset the portfolio prices for my sharejunction portfolio such they reflect all the latest sales and purchases, and the end-2012 prices. The stock portfolio on this basis is worth SGD 60,448. To ensure accurate monitoring the coming year, note that on the side, there is also SGD 8,303 in cash comprising the disposals as well as the eventual injection of about SGD 6,000 (to make up SGD 40,000 capital invested). How am I going to find another SGD 6,000 when I have to set aside cash for other items, is another question altogether.

The total portfolio for 2013 before any new incoming dividends is SGD 68,751, as compared to the STI 3,167. This is how the portfolio looks like in terms of individual shareholding:

Where will I park the SGD 8,303? The natural first stop is my current crop of stocks. However, I am very heavy on food  and commodities stocks. One possibility is that I use most of the cash to increase my stake in Noble Group. Noble has been moving sideways for a while but it is the only stock on SGX with the exposure to the hard commodities market. The other possibility would be UOB-KayHian. This is a stock I have been holding on to many years already and at current price, I can expect a possible 5% yield based on historical payouts. 

Finally, I also saw Drizzt's list of stocks and I am slightly tempted by Sheng Siong. However, I have read some comments on ValueBuddies and I was reminded of the good ol'  let us list the company and be the majority shareholder and distribute  dividends to "shareholders" move.  If you have better investing ideas let me know.

My outlook for the STI and the broader global stock market in 2013 is that a 10% run up is possible. The STI gained almost 20% in 2012 despite the continued fears of economic collapse in America and Europe. In terms of sectors, I have the niggling feeling that  growth and speculative stocks will experience stronger price appreciation after having been neglected in 2012. 2012 was the year where consumer staple stocks saw plenty of M&A.

In any case, have a happy 2013 to all of you reading this!

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