Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Action Items

Here are the items I intend to tick off for 2013

Blog: I intend to blog lesser but have interesting posts of at least 400 words.

Investments: I intend to pump in SGD 6,000 more in fresh capital which will bring my capital invested to SGD 40,000.

Career: I recently shifted internally in my company to a new position and I have to learn a new market segment. I thus intend to dedicate more time on learning about the segment at work. I also aim to reach work early using only public transport. I have been taking quite a bit of cab and I think this has made me less fit.

Finances: There are multiple objectives within this item
1. Save 1 month's salary worth of emergency fund
2. Setup a joint-account
3. Save up for house (to offset principal) and wedding with use in 3-4 years. 
4. Buy term insurance and other necessary insurance, most likely H&S.

Self development 
1. Learn a language or at least attempt to use Bahasa Indonesia a bit more.
2. Go for two more overseas holidays.
3. Exercise at least 2 times a week of at least 30 minutes each time.
4. Eat healthy meals (soupy)  and snacks (fruits and vegetables).

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