Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cut loss on Stratech, TPV and ChinaAnimal Healthcare

I finally sold off three of the four stocks I said I would be selling. Stratech has been in the red for a long time. This was made worse by me subscribing to the excess rights which are not accounted for her. My initial investment of SGD 1,000 halved with no dividends in between.

TPV was a heartbreaker because while its price did rise initially, it eventually slumped due to the slowdown in panel sales. Realised loss on this counter is about half as well.

For China Animal Healthcare, I just gave up waiting for the privatisation that has yet to occur despite many false starts. I think I more or less broke even but the expectation was that I would make a gain.

This sale has also been prompted by my felt need to reduce all the small holdings. Action Asia is currently the smallest dollar value holding at about SGD 1,500. I will try to buy SGD 3-5,000 worth of stock at one go. This will minimise the effect of transaction costs, unless we are in a very very depressed market. I will calculate.the proceeds and maybe with SGD 6,000 more fresh capital, invest in another stock at the right time.

I will still "hold" these stock till the end of the year for comparison purpose. But for 2013, I will reflect the divestments as well as new purchases.

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