Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bought more Petra Foods


Bought two lots of Petra Foods at 2.81 per lot. Payed for them using dividends from Elite KSB and I am left about SGD 370 worth of free cash. Petra foods is so illiquid that it ended the day lower than i had bought. When I checked the SGX website, Petra Foods announced for a trading halt citing a material announcement. This is quite worrying for me even though I feel its fundamentals are good.

Elite KSB despite disposing its main asset is slowly on the rise. If you add back the special dividends  it is worth at least 61 cents. I have got no more free cash but i am tempted to sell all my shares that are not worth at least SGD 1500 per company. They look increasingly small as I shore up my individual positions. I am hoping to get to an efficient level of maybe 3000 dollars to keep transaction fees low.

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