Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not enough money for HDB downpayment

It is a bit late as this story has gone some rounds. The blogger (who is studying), to avoid any cash outlay on the first 5% of his HDB BTO delayed documentation such that his girlfriend (who make about 2,500 per month) can accumulate enough CPF in her account to pay for the down payment as the process is being delayed. He is of course trying to ensure he does not cough out cash because he wants to use it for the investment game, hence he rather taps his girlfriends CPF. He has been criticised by other blogger for gaming the system. Issues of ethics aside, I would say that if he can make the decision to commit to a flat, that is great because of the long lead time to completion. The flip-side is that he has to be sure that his partner is the one during the period which the flat is completed. If things do not work out between the two, and that cheap housing was the reason for signing up together, it will be very messy personally and financially.


  1. Indeed, I agree with you, it can be messy, he is taking a gamble that the property prices will continue it's upward trend by leveraging now. Very calculative person, he took advantage of every loophole he can find for his personal advancement.

  2. i am not sure how much he is paying for it but the purchase price should not be more than 500,000 before stamp duty. he has deleted earlier posts in case they are incriminating. my main concern for him is that it might be too early on to decide about marriage which is what getting a hdb bto entails.