Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not many thoughts on the stock market

Juggling between work, life, and two modules for Master's is really very time consuming. On the work side, the pressure is just piling up because instead of being able to update my report, I have been required to provide support for other team mates. This is not helped by the fact that I tend to be less disciplined in my research. On the social life front, it has been relatively quiet but I keep getting dragged out on the weekends and this leaves me tired and little time to catch up with other stuff. Classes are also taking up time because they just mean pushing back work time to prepare for proposals.

The stock market has not been bothering me though. Although the American market looks strong, the STI's gains has been modest with a lot of penny rotation. Month-on-month, my portfolio shed 2.3% to SGD 73,913 (inclusive of investable cash and dividends) compared to the 1.3% gain on the STI. Wilmar remains the leading loser of my holdings, currently at SGD 3.51 compared to the SGD 3.90 when I bought a stake.

At the macroeconomic front, there is a lot of bad news for Singapore in terms of exports and manufacturing output. Nevertheless, I think 2013 will be an up 10% year.

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