Saturday, June 29, 2013

Portfolio edges up 1.8 per cent (without dividends)

The portfolio grew 1.8% in value compared to the end of last year, excluding dividends.

There was not much activity. The purchase of two lots of Wilmar was the only transaction that I have made over the past six months. In terms of YTD decline, commodity stocks GMG Global (-S$1,150) and Wilmar (-S$1,500) contributed most to the losing positions. It has been a very bad year for commodity stocks, reflecting the possible down cycle of the boom.

Food stocks Etika (+S$3,750) and Petra (+S$1,400) help covered lost ground but they too have not been spared the recent carnage with the announced end of QE.

Outside the portfolio, I took the opportunity presented by the recent meltdown to do a little contra. Although I did not get my hands burnt yet, I suffered from seller's regret because my S$220 gain on Super Group could have been S$2,200 if I delayed just a bit! I have also bought some Petra Foods and this might be parked into the portfolio depending on my risk assessment. Although it is in the money, I would love to have a bit more liquid cash on my hands for emergency purposes. 

The past 6 months has also been relatively quiet in my life. I went back for my first ICT, a high-key one. Also, I slowly broke into my new position at work. This helped calmed some of my nerves with regard to cash flow. Recently, I went on a holiday to Taiwan as well as finished my first year of graduate studies. 

The next month will be crucial for the markets, if it breaks down, it would mean that we are headed for a bear market, and that the recent rally was just a rebound. Personally, I think there is a strong psychological barrier preventing the breaking of the STI 3,500 barrier. Invest and trade carefully.


  1. I'm quite cautious in the market now. If it gets lower i'm happy. If it goes up more, i'm prepared for it. Either way, i have a plan. Follow a plan and you'll be alright.

  2. thanks for the comments.

    i have sort of a plan but things have changed along the way.

    for example there is the issue of marriage, which will be a very huge outlay of cash...