Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Tree has fallen

I live in Toa Payoh and recently, the neighbourhood's iconic tree fell. You can read the Straits Times' report for some of the background. I used to make small offering on my birthdays at my mother's request. My brother did that only not so long ago. I was thus taken aback when i read that it had fallen.

I discussed this "event" with a colleague who also stays nearby and we feel that the tree was one of those little things that made Toa Payoh unique. She added that the authorities have been a little slow with regard to trees. On reflection, the issue of trees is similar to that of crows and mynahs - issues that cross boundaries within the bureacracy.

Of course you can find more heritage tidbits here but the tree, along with the blue fountain in front of the library were what constitute my sense of the place. As we grow old, we yearn for some fixity in our environment. I guess as time passes, memories fade and a new feature will be built on the site.

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