Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A difficult 2013

2013 has been a difficult year for me. A good month was spent for military training gifted with the knowledge that there will be more to come. School (my masters programme) has been very underwhelming while I am overwhelmed at the work front. There is little expectations of a good increment. The upside is that my portfolio including free cash and dividends is up 7%.

Due to the lack of big blue chip stocks, my portfolio on a month-on-month basis has moved somewhat differently from the STI. There have been things that I said I would do, such as selling Noble Group and Wilmar, but I guess leaving under performing stocks in the portfolio gives me some room to grow for next year.

With two more months left, My focus will be building up my savings for emergencies as well as marriage. The stock market has yet to softened and this has left me few chances to buy in. Added to the fact, I have been preoccupied with so many things that I have nothing in mind. That is another story altogether.


  1. Marriage, raising children, caring of aged parents, housing loan etc etc ---> life is full of challenges and surprises. Nothing is difficult or impossible including investment goals. If 2013 is a let down then there is 2014, 2015 ..... Life goes on.

  2. Nice blog you have.

    Life is really a a balancing act of resource allocation. Resource be it time and money; one would think it's hardly enough.

    Marriage (congrats btw) followed by getting a place to call your own will empty coffers, but I wouldn't trade them for anything else. =) You will do fine!

    I should really try to look for the answer in your previous posts, but can you share why the magic number of S$700,000 by 55 years old?

  3. it is just an amount based on number of years i think i will be in retirement. mind you, not all my wealth will be in shares...