Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bought a new Oxelo Town 7 kick scooter

I ordered an Oxelo Town 7 kick scooter over the weekend and it got delivered to me via SingPost yesterday. A kick scooter or a bicycle was on the list of things to buy, but due to space constraints and impulse, I chose the kick scooter instead. The evils of online shopping.

I took it for a trial around the neighbourhood and being a cool night, I spent at least an hour and a half scooting around with my new toy. I did get a few stares because kick scooters are not what adults usually wander around in. Maybe roller blades or bicycles. Or my bad dress sense.

I have not tried other brands of kick scooters yet, but the Oxelo's design was well worth it (European design but made in China). Took me a while to figure how to fold it but it will definitely be useful if you need to take the train or bus. The downside was that some parts of the pavement I was on were very old and caused me a bumpy ride. Otherwise, the ergonomics of the Oxelo - for people up to 1.95 meters tall and 100 kg in weight - meant that I could keep scooting for a long time without back pains . Either that or it could be just my enthusiasm.  


  1. may I know where can I purchase it?

  2. Hello,

    Where are you from? I bought mine from an online sports equipment shop.