Saturday, January 11, 2014

SGX Singapore 50 Top Gainers Past 52 Weeks

The top 50 stocks with the largest price increase and with a final market capitalisation of more than USD 200 million is shown above, using my DBS Vickers screener. The market capitalisation criteria was too weed out most of the penny stocks but with the exception of ADRs, most of them were under a dollar. 

The Top 10 from the list and with my comments were:

1. China Environment: I avoid S-Chips in general. I guess the climb up is due to positive news flow. It has managed to place out shares to institutions as well as announce several big contracts. 

2. HanKore: Another S-Chip? It seems like company will acquire some assets through a share offering. In my opinion, that is not very good as in increases the supply of shares although one my argue that the acquisition would unlock synergies. 

3. Centurion: Another environment sector stock? The answer after a quick check is no. This company has morphed into one managing foreign worker dormitories in Singapore and Malaysia. Perhaps this realignment or its association with Iskandar Development has made it sexier?

4. SinoGrandness: Is this an S-Chip? The food distribution company spun off part of its business in Hong Kong providing the share price catalyst.

5. SIIC Environment: Formerly Asia Water Tech. Water stock and S-Chip. I am not going to say anything further.

6. Oxley Holdings: Finally something different, a property developer. When I first read about it, it was mainly developing in Singapore. I guess with the recent cooling measures, the company has naturally sought to look at foreign markets such Malaysia and London.

7. Cordlife: This is an interesting concept stock. I really have no idea what the cord blood can do but it seems that it will be one of the ways which future diseases can be cured. 

8.Charisma Energy: Formerly YHM Group. Another name changer and it has ventured into the energy sector through an offer by Ezion, giving it zest to the share price in the later period. 

9. Golden Ocean: This stock took a big hit listing a few years back when the shipping industry was on its knees. It is slowly recovering as rates rise and I guess that lifts all boats. 

10. Sarin Technologies: This is one of the stocks that has managed to increase its share price since the March 2009 bottom. Many have written on it and perhaps it has reach the peak of its valuation for the moment. 

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