Saturday, December 6, 2014

Portfolio -1.6% vs STI

I am writing this as I prepare for my third flight since the last blog post. I will write more about the trips to South Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong later in December. 

Despite the gains to the Straits Times Index (STI) over the past few months, the portfolio remains weak due to the slide in Super Group's share price. My fully invested in cash portfolio is down 1.6% against the STI on a YTD basis.

Not included in the portfolio for the year are my additional purchases of Super Group during the year and F&N late in November. Including these purchases, the dollar value of the portfolio touches the SGD 100,000 mark which is one of those milestones in an investor's life. Month on month, the portfolio did chalk up some gains but were not enough to reverse the losses. Interestingly, I have observed that my defensive stocks Auric Pacific and UOB Kay-Hian have each shed about 20-30 cents each since the start of the year. Because my cost of purchasing them is low, I have thought it nice to keep them for dividends. However, if the decline is a leading signal of greater difficulties, perhaps it is time to cash out.

The portfolio has done horribly so far in 2014 and it will be third year out of six year that I under perform the benchmark. There are many learning points and worthy of an lengthy reflection post. 

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