Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bought Super Group (The Singapore One)

Bought 8,000 shares of Super Group on Tuesday near closing time. Buying them ahead of their financial results next week, in case they surprise me. This averages down my cost of 22,000 shares SGD1.60 to SGD1.30 or about 45% underwater based on current market prices. 

Super pays out 50% of its net profit each year. Based on the third quarter results, earnings are likely to be 60-70% of FY2014. As such, the final dividend might just be 1 cents per share, making it 2 cents for the FY2015, giving it a current yield of 2.8%. Will be looking forward to the results next Tuesday.

Separately, I am also heading to KrisEnergy's investor event next Friday. Management will likely talk up its prospects and give operational updates. I might do a field report if I do get there. I am quite excited as it is the first time I am attending a event linked to my portfolio holdings. I have yet to attend an AGM over the past 6-8 years.

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