Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bye bye Casio Edifice

 These are some of my older watches. On the left were two watches gifted to me. The two on the right were ones I bought myself.
 My dad sent this Casio (EF514D 7AVDF EF514D) my girlfriend bought way back in 2007 for servicing. The B button has been stuck inside and I needed to get it out. However, the technician at Casio service centre, which is now at Novena, said it was beyond repair. According to my dad, various technicians suggest that the watch has taken too much of a beating. Rust on the inside was the most probable cause of death. Oh well.


  1. I'm surprised that the service centre just tidak apa & write it off ... probably hinting to your dad to just buy a new watch.

    If it's just some dirt or rust causing the button to "stick" then should be easy to rectify. Just need to remove the movement, and work the button in & out to loosen it ... maybe apply a very tiny bit of silicone oil.

    If the movement is spoilt, then can also just replace it. Basic edifice movements are a dime a dozen, and they should have a bunch of those in stock.

    Those traditional older watch repairers should be able to do it. Some still embody the old world attitude of passion & conscientious work for a reasonable price.

    Apart from the really high-end Swiss branded service centres, I don't trust the rest of those other brands, even Seiko or Citizen, let alone Casio. Of course those high end places take their jobs seriously as they charge you an arm and leg for it.

    The staff at lesser centres/shops are youngish & not trained for intricate repairs, mostly just battery replacement & strap adjustment --- anything more complicated & it's replacement (if under warranty). Otherwise their focus is on sales advice to get you to buy the current model to replace.

    It's the throwaway / replacement mentality ... no more repair & use for 20-30 years.

  2. Hi there,

    I went to a few watch repairmen and they told me that it is a a problem with the case, and that only the service centre people can repair. When my dad sent the watch to the service centre, the technician told them that it was probably rust within the casing, at the tiny springs, causing the push button to jam. It is quite a pity that I found out how to use the chronometer on the watch after having it for almost 10 years.