Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's been a while

so sorry guys as it has been a while since i last posted. was flooded with work and also was out of the country for a short getaway.

from the screen shot above, the STI rose by 2.3%, more than my portfolio's 0.1%. it seems like it is going to take forever for the portfolio to reach $20,000. the bright side is that etika has declared a $0.01 dividend, which i will use it in the coming year to add on the my stock holdings.

i will do a thorough review of the portfolio by the end of the year and possibly suggest themes for next year. right now, i do hope that you guys have stayed invested since like who knows when.

i read that activity is the worst thing you can do to your portfolio due to the transaction costs involved.

on an unrelated note, i bought teh hooi ling's remaining volumes for "show me the money". after a careful reading, i realise that there are some things that need to be critically examined. for instance, when she looks at short term trading strategy, she always assume 1% transaction costs. however i believe that that amount understates real transaction costs for trades of smaller nominal quantity.

also, her favourite low P/B method stock strategy is benchmarked incorrectly in my opinion because some of the stocks are not STI component stocks. however it should be noted that there is a recent piece where her focus was on the component stocks and i feel that the returns benchmarked were more justifiable.

nonetheless, i still think that she makes a lot of sense but just becareful of anyone, yours truly included. because ultimately, we can only suggest and not hold responsibility for your end action.

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