Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ask Me Any Question

Running out of ideas what to write, I will be glad to entertain any questions about stock investing at my email sgxstockpicker@gmail.com. Please do not ask me anything about technical analysis because i am not good with it.

My outlook for the remainder of the year, with 1 plus month left is that there is, I think 2.5% upside maximum (low probability), with higher chances of swings within a tight range as the fund managers try to make small change so that they can answer to their clients. I'm looking at the 2,850 being breached this year, but it is not sustainable.

For those who like me are sticking for the long term, you can start accumulating now as i strongly believe that there will be a bull run that will see the 3,000 mark breached by 30 June 2009. This is the extremely bullish scenario.

The good money is that next year will be most likely up a little year, hence dividend plays are a must if you want good returns as corporate earnings are most likely to return to pre-crisis levels with the exception of shipping and small cap manufacturing. Sectors that are likely to disappoint next year will be the vaguely defined "Green Energy" stocks. Traditional companies in the energy sector such as AusGroup and Rotary Engineering should benefit from the return of investments into the resource sector.

Do email me as i would like to help you improve your stock picking process.

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