Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 7: More Results Out

Was busy again at work having had to go out of office to followup on people. it was nonetheless a slightly fruitful week as i was kept busy and thus not having to look at stock quotes with the usual frequency.

STI 2,700 looks like a barrier that is in need of a convincing breakthrough. Overall portfolio looked anemic with TPV the only stock shining, breaching the $1.00 mark against the run of play. FJ Benjamin also got sold down to $0.30 level having released a set of 1Q10 results that can is expected of a retailer during these recessionary times.

China Milk is one stock i am glad that i have sold so much earlier. it is now slightly under $0.40 after posting a terrible quarter. it is neither doing well in the high margin bull semen nor the OEM milk. take profit if possible.

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