Saturday, September 11, 2010

Are Female Bosses That Bad?

Read the above. There was apparently a survey of 3,000 people living in the UK and it turns out that employees prefer male to female bosses. In my opinion, given the subjective-ness of the question as well as cultural differences, there is still some room for doubt as to the validity of its conclusion. It is a bit like saying women are bad drivers, but figures actually show that men cause the most incidents. Maybe those who encountered bad female drivers live to talk about it, but not those that met with male drivers who actually caused fatal accidents.

On a related note, there should be a survey of gender relations at work. I was shocked cause once at an interview, the person at the other end asked me how comfortable I was working with women.


I added another link to a piece by Kenneth Fisher, who some readers should know, form part of my investment philosophy. Take a read too, it is very relevant to almost everyone who thinks they are too clever for the market.


  1. Working for female bosses who are in their menopause can be challenging.

  2. hey i would not go so far as to say that. it is unfair to the market.

    personally i have not worked with directly under female bosses, but i can say that working with female colleagues are challenging because of the need to be sensitive.