Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bought C&O Pharm

Due to access problems in the office, I had to key the order well before the market opened. Got 5 lots of C&O Pharm at $0.505 each.

Rationale: Although it is not cheap in terms of valuations (12 times trailing earnings but 3 times book), the company has been steady in terms of revenue growth as well as dividend payout. my theory is that there is a possibility it will turnout to be a Sihuan Pharm - overlooked and will eventually de-list at a premium (fingers crossed).

Sidenote, I decided on the stock after only some research, which included just reading the income statement and prospects. C&O will not be included for the upcoming review.

FYI: I can be reached via email namely sgxstockpicker@gmail.com

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