Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Portfolio Update

The portfolio was lifted by strong gains from FJ Benjamin and Biosensors. The latter chalked up strong gains on the release of a positive report by DBS Vickers, saying that it is a likely candidate for takeover.

Side note, I am thinking of doing braces. Had a discussion with my siblings and they say that the benefits outweigh the material costs. After all, with straighter teeth, it would be easier to maintain as the normal toothbrush and flossing would suffice.

However, they forgot to include the physical discomfort involved with fitting braces. Furthermore, as I play a slightly contact sports, I may have to wear a mouth guard. I tend to get disturbing images of blooding flowing from bleeding lips, after receiving a hit at the mouth from an offending elbow.

I will just post a screen shot next week. After which, I will do a slightly thorough review of the portfolio for the month of September.

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