Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reflecting on GE2011

For those who have followed my GE2011 posts, you will realize that the median prediction of between 55 and 60 percent exclusive was fairly accurate. This was considering that the final local vote count averaged 60.1 percent for the PAP.

I do not know the background of the voters, I can safely assume that almost all are Singaporeans and of the Internet savvy group. I used the median because several studies have shown that a large and diverse group of individuals can be used to gauge the outcome of an event, hence the use of poll research by the Australian company. Wisdom of the masses as they call it.

It is therefore likely that the Singapore stock market will perform slightly outside as predicted by my earliest poll. I did a quick check on my stocks and many of them have now started sinking into the red. This could be because the US stimulus is running its course. However, if the masses are to be believed, it is likely that there will be slight upside from hereon.

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