Sunday, October 30, 2011

Portfolio Pending Activity

We are reaching the end of 2011 and I have only made two purchases for the whole year, namely additional lots of Etika International as well as initiating a position on Auric Pacific. They have not been doing well due to the weak overall sentiment.

To keep the readers posted, I intend to set aside some money to subscribe for the rights share of GMG Global. Based on my current holdings, I am entitled to subscribe to twenty lots of rights share at 9.1 cents each. Also, I intend to take up ten more lots in Etika International bringing to a grand total of forty lots.

That said, I will have to figure what to do once shares in C&O are acquired mandatorily by Shinogi Group. I will have to email the company to know when the proceeds of the acquisition, estimated to be SGD 4,500, will be credited to my bank accounted. I will be sussing for deals in the mean time. If you have any good ideas, do let me know.

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