Sunday, November 6, 2011

Can I be a risk taker?

I have a copy of the Straits Times but I have yet to finish reading the article (on pages 2 and 3), because I did not bring down that front section for my breakfast routine.

A possible summary of the report would be how some young people dabble in stocks and derivatives and made it big or burnt their fingers. The catalyst for this story would have been the collapse of MF Global.

There is nothing wrong with investing in anything. But the article seems to glorify these group of not so old adults (smell jealousy?). There is nothing wrong with glorifying them for taking market risk, but I understand from the profile, that they tend to be from well-to-do families. Also, a repeated theme has been that some of them started trading in shares on their parents account. What is that suppose to imply?

I will go read the article slightly later once I finish watching my online programmes. Share you thoughts if you have read it.

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