Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Portfolio sinks on rights issues, penny plays

I realised how difficult it was to show what was the current score of the portfolio and decided to lump all the stocks that were held since the start of the year with those that were recently acquired. It does not look good.

YTD unrealized loss: SGD 12,936
YTD unused dividends/gains : SGD 167
YTD portfolio value: SGD 39,361

In another words, I am down 25% for 2011!

Most of the losses were from Etika and GMG Global, the latter has gone XR and so the price is really low. I have to cough up about SGD 1,840 cash for GMG Global's rights.

There will be some money coming in for me in 2012 February, once the acquisition of the remaining C&O shares get completed. The surprising thing was that the offer price will be adjusted for the dividend paid out. In any case, this will be factored into my profit and loss.

It has been a very humbling 2011 so far. I hope that there will be a strong finish.

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