Saturday, November 12, 2011

Portfolio Major Corporate Updates - Part 1

Asiatic Group
1H12 revenue increased 3.9% but earnings fell 27.7% to SGD 0.8 million. For both the biomass project in Malaysia and hydro project in Vietnam, construction has commenced and project financing of both projects are undergoing negotiation and an update of the progress will be made known in due course.

Action Asia
9M11 revenue fell 37% while earnings fell by more than half to SGD 9.0 million. The company said that problems in Europe and US will cause electronic consumption to remain tepid.

Auric Pacific
9M11 revenue inched slightly higher by 0.7% while earnings rebounded to SGD 9.7 million, from SGD 3.1 million a year ago. The sharp gains resulted from the divestment of a project in Shenzhen China.

Biosensors International
Plenty of news coming out from drug trials, which were unsurprisingly positive. 1H12 revenue increased 72% while earnings grew to USD 45.5 million from USD 11.7 million a year ago.  Due to its acquisition of the remaining shares in JWMS and other reasons, the company has guided FY12 revenue to be 70-80% higher year-on-year.

C&O Pharmaceutical
Suspended. Will be taken private and details of the compulsory acquisition of the remaining shares will be announced by November 30, 2011. 

China Animal Healthcare
The company has said that it might restructure its shares such that they are all listed in Hong Kong, contrast to the current dual-listing. 9M11 revenue increased 33.8% while earning increased 84.2% to RMB 174 million. The strong increase in earnings was due to the surge in biological drug sales. The company warned that the subsequent fair value adjustments on the derivative financial instruments relating to the conversion option component of the convertible bonds may adversely affect its results.

Elite KSB
FY11 revenue increased 5.5% while earnings dipped 2.6%. The company said the cost of live chickens increased significantly in the second half of the last financial year. Also, the Australian dollar also strengthened against the Singapore dollar in the same period, resulting in higher cost of chilled pork. If the trend continues and we continue to be unable to pass on these cost increases to its customers, its performance for the next 12 months may be adversely affected.

9M11 revenue increased 30.1% while earnings fell 32.7%. The decline has been attributed to the higher cost of goods sold, which increased 39.4% for the first nine months of its financial year.

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